52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 30, Fish Creek Trail

September 11, 2016

Hamilton, Indiana

Hikers:  Julie, Becky, Lyndy, Anita, Quint, Sarah, Luna, Jade and Pebbles

Our second hike of the day was along Fish Creek Trail which had a trail head within walking distance of Robb Hidden Canyon trail.  It is a point-to-point trail with the opposite trail head at Gnacy Girt Memorial Recreational Park.


The wide trail paralleled Fish Creek which was the site of a bank stabilization project a few years prior to protect the nature trail as well as endangered mussels.  The trail offered some educational signs detailing the environmental project.


Although there are trees along the trail, it is open enough that the trees offered little shelter from the afternoon sun.  The kids entertained themselves collecting rocks.  The kids needed a bag in which to keep their treasures and all we had available were dog poop collection bags.  Turns out, the poop bags worked just fine.  An no, they were not “used” bags!


We followed the trail for about a mile before I received a call requesting that I go into work. We retraced our steps back to the Robb Hidden Canyon parking area.  Some day we will return and follow it all the way to Gnacy Girt Memorial Recreational Park.



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