52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 28, Detering Nature Preserve

August 28, 2016

1421 Kammerer Road, Kendallville, IN 46755

Hikers:  Julie, Michelle and Lyndy

Before hiking at Detering Nature Preserve, we met my sister (fellow Herd of Turtle member, Becky) and her kids for a walk around Bixler Lake.  Since we had already hiked this earlier in the year, I did not count it as one of the 52 hikes in 52 weeks.  We chose it because of it length, an exact 5K.  The National Park Service had a virtual race challenge this weekend as part of it’s 100th birthday celebration.  We could not pass up an opportunity to participate in a National Park Celebration and Bixler offered the perfect hike length.  Even though it’s not an “official” 52 week hike, I can’t help but include a few pictures of my cute niece and nephew out enjoying the great outdoors.  Bixler is a fun hike, not only for its nature trail, but also for its other fun and educational offerings along the lake loop.  Our Turtlets had a great time!  We were very proud of them for hiking 3 miles.

Now on to the new trail for us.  Detering Nature Preserve is a small preserve on the southwest shore of Round Lake.  The site is a former “Green Grocer” vegetable farm that is returning to it’s natural habitat.  The land is owned and managed by Acres Land Trust, an organization that preserves natural areas in northeast Indiana, southern Michigan and northwest Ohio.

The shaded trail was dotted with summer flowers and the occasional small creature.

After a short walk, we found ourselves on the shore of Round lake.  It is surprising to find an undeveloped section of lake shore so close to town!


While definitely not a long hike, this is a peaceful retreat very close to town.  It would be a nice place to take the dog (leashed of course) for an evening stroll after work.  Or a place to unwind on a lazy weekend afternoon.


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