52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 22, Camp Creek Waterfalls

May 25, 2016

2390 Camp Creek Road
Camp Creek, WV 25820

Hikers:  Julie, Becky, Lyndy and Michelle

Following our Grayson Highland/Grindstone Campground backpack hike, we drove a few hours to Camp Creek in West Virginia to camp one last night before heading home.  We chose this campground solely based on it’s proximity to Interstate 77.  The plan was to get a few hours closer to home and have a shower after 4 days in the wilderness.  Camp Creek had the added bonus of having beautiful waterfalls to visit before hitting the road for the final leg home.


We had stopped for food prior to arriving at the campground and we opted to again set up one big tent to share.  We had a pretty campsite right next to the creek.  We talked about the possibility of bears, but since the trash cans were just your everyday metal variety with a lid that just sat on top, we figured bears must not be a problem.  Maybe that is true but we found out that the trash cans were definitely not critter proof!  Shortly after retiring for the night, we were startled by all kinds of banging and clattering from something enjoying the left-overs of our meals.   We discussed who was going to go check to see if we had a bear outside our tent but couldn’t seem to get a volunteer to venture out!  Fortunately, we had no middle of the night bear attacks and not too big of a mess to clean up in the morning.

After packing up our tent, we decided to visit a couple of the park water falls before heading north.  The first one involved a short out and back hike to Campbell Falls.  The hike followed a wide gravel path with the creek on one side and rock ledges on the other.  Water seeped from the rock walls in several places providing a number of mini waterfalls along the way.

The hike was short and level, just under 1 mile round trip.  At first we could just glimpse the falls through the trees but a little further down the trail, we had a good view of the beautiful cascades.


We snapped a few pictures, then headed back the way we had come.  The second waterfall for the morning, Mash Fork Falls, was one we could drive to.  We followed a gravel road near the park entrance to a parking area a few hundred feet from falls.  We were able to walk right up to the falls, or in Becky’s case, right into the upper part of the falls!

After playing at the falls for a bit, it was time to pile in the car and finish our journey home.  And so ended another fantastic adventure.  Camp Creek was just a convenient stopping point for us but the pretty creekside campsite and fantastic waterfalls made a pleasant finale to our spring trek.


2 thoughts on “52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 22, Camp Creek Waterfalls

  1. Nice pose! Great pics…love the part about being bear aware. We had a similar run in at Grand Teton NP but I thought I hear it breathing and was crazy enough to go out and investigate. Keep exploring…Happy Trails!


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