52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 14, Franke Park

April 16, 2016

3411 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN

I am always looking for new places to hike and when I was invited to a 50th wedding anniversary party at Franke Park, I knew I had to see if there were trails.  What I found was a network of mountain bike trails but, hey, a trail is a trail!  As it turned out, we saw a lot more mountain bikes than hikers but the bikers were all polite and even pointed us in the right direction for the most scenic trails.

We did not have a trail map but instead took a picture of a trail map located near the trail head.  The trails were marked and our goal was to do a big loop but we found the trails to be a bit confusing.  Rather than try to follow a certain route, we instead opted to just wander around wherever we thought looked interesting.  The trails were narrow, typical of a single track mountain bike trail and we found a few hills.

We had a beautiful day, very warm for spring and enjoyed the spring flowers.  The trees were starting to leaf out, giving us that touch of green that we had been missing all winter.

In addition to the frog pond, the trails crisscrossed Spy Run Creek.  We found an interesting tree with exposed roots along the creek.  It looked like a great place for a game of pirates for the youngsters!


Like many of our hikes, we were using this as a training hike for our upcoming backpack trip in Virginia.  We came across a stream crossing lined with stepping stones.  Becky had to try out the crossing with her pack.  (She did great by the way!)


All-in-all, this was a fun hike in a fantastic Fort Wayne park.  If you have a mountain bike, this looks like a fun place to take your bike for a spin.  If you have young kids, you can spend the day at the zoo, have a picnic, let the kids play at the playground and of course take a hike.  Our “hike” ended up looked like a jumbled mess on the Runtastic map but we had a great afternoon and got in a few miles of hiking a new place.



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