52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 13, Bonneyville Mill South Loop

DSC09549April 14, 2016

53373 County Road 131, Bristol, IN 46507

The park is open for outdoor activities all year.  The dates and times listed above are when tours of the mill are available.

For this hike, Lyndy and I crossed the street south of the main parking lot at the mill and started at the Valley Line Shelter.  This was a pretty straightforward double loop hike that was intertwined with a very nice single track mountain bike trail.  We did see a couple of mountain bikers out enjoying this beautiful day.

The hike was a mixture of woods and open field.  The were a few hills but nothing too intense.  I was still nursing an injured knee and managed just fine, even with a backpack.  We were in preparation mode for an upcoming back pack trip.  Early in the hike, we came across what appeared to be an attempt at building a shelter.  Maybe Boy Scouts out practicing survival skills?

At the southern end of the bigger loop, we took a short spur trail to a wooden overlook.  Of course we could not pass an overlook without climbing it!  A crescent moon was barely visible as we climbed the steps to the top.

The view from the top!  As you can see, there is a picnic area that can be driven to very near the overlook.

After closing the bigger, south loop, we headed east to complete the smaller loop.  We passed a large wetland with a nice pier and a duck house.  I imagine this would be a great place for spotting waterfowl and other water loving birds!

As we finished the smaller loop, we passed by a restored, one-room school house.  This is a very nice park for seeing pieces of history as well as hiking and picnicking.  I do wish the mill had been open when we were there.  Since it wasn’t, I guess we’ll just have return at some point.  I imagine the view from the overlook would be fantastic in the fall!

This was an easy hike, just under 2 miles.  As you can see, we took our time and stopped for lots of pictures.  It can certainly be done faster but we did it in typical Turtle-mode fashion.  This is a great family park and highly recommended!

Bonneyville Mill


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