52 Hikes in 52 Weeks: Hike 5, Bicentennial Woods

February 8th, 2016


Bicentennial Woods is a small nature preserve owned by Acres Land Trust.  It is located in Allen County in Indiana and has over 2 miles of well maintained wooded trails meandering through mature hardwoods up to 200 years old.  It is named in honor of Fort Wayne’s Bicentennial which occurred in 1994.  The herd today consisted of myself and my sister Becky.  The day was chilly but the recent warm weather meant no snow on the trails.  We did have some mud to deal with where the ground had warmed sufficiently to thaw it.


The mud in parts of the trail was still frozen and the ice made some interesting patterns in the boot prints of previous hikers.


A bridge over a small stream near the beginning of our hike had washed away making for a bit of a tricky crossing.  A couple of uprooted trees were put to use as a means to cross.

Other than the washed out bridge, the trails were well maintained, with benches and cute trail markers along the paths.

The property consists of loop trails on either side of Willow Creek with a wooden bridge providing access to both sides of the creek.  We opted to hike the largest, outer loop on both sides.  Our distance for the day was 2.65 miles.


Some of the steeper sections had helpful steps.


Never too old for some fun along the trail!


Although this is a small preserve, the trails are nice and views worthwhile.  This would make a nice place to stop by after work for an evening stroll.  Spring flowers should be popping up soon and the fall colors will probably be beautiful.  Summer hikers should probably pack the bug spray as I’m sure it will be needed.  If you live in the area, this is definitely a place to check out!






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