The List

For the last couple of years, my sister and I have talked and shared information about trails we want to hike.  The conversations always end the same, “we have to add this one to the list!”.   Problem is, no actual list existed.  So here it is, the official bucket list of the Herd of Turtles Hiking Club.  This will be a continual work-in-progress as trails are added or completed.


Bright Angel Trail:  9.5 mile trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  May combine this with South Kaibab Trail and a stay at Phantom Ranch.  Also considering doing this as a mule ride.

Havasu Falls:  10-12 mile one-way hike (to the lodge or to the campground) ending at Havasupai Village.  Highlights include Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls.


John Muir Trail:  Considered the most beautiful trail in the United States.  The trail starts at Yosemite National Park and runs 215 miles through Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon before ending at Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continental US.

Tentatively planned for summer of 2019


Barr Trail:  12.9 mile trail to the summit of Pikes Peak with an elevation gain of 7,410 feet.  The plan is to ride the cog railway up and hike back down.

Completed July 28th 2015

South Mt Elbert Trail:  7.2 mile round trip to the highest peak in Rocky Mountains.  This trail has 3,913 feet of elevation gain one-way, topping out at 14,433 feet.  Attempted this trail in June of 2013 but turned back 1/4 mile from the summit due to snow fields and altitude sickness.  Alternate trail, Mount Elbert – Northeast Ridge which is 9 miles round trip with 4,393′ of total elevation gain.



Everglades National Park Canoe Trail:  Miles of trails through the mangrove swamps and along the seashore.  Backcountry camping available on the beach, ground and chickees.


Adventure Hiking Trail:  A 25 mile loop trail through O’Bannon Woods State Park and Harrison Crawford State Forest.

Completed:  April 24th-April 27th 2014

Knobstone Trail:  Indiana’s longest trail and used as a training ground for the Appalachian Trail.  48-58 mile combination linear and loop trail through Clark State Forest, Elk Creek Public Fishing Area and Jackson-Washington State Forest.

Completed:  April 26th-April 30th 2015

Tecumseh Trail:  Signature trail of the Hoosier Hikers Council.  42 mile linear trail running from Morgan-Monroe State Forest to Brown County State Forest.  Plans are to eventually link the Tecumseh Trail with the Knobstone Trail.


North Country Trail through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore:  42 mile linear trail along Lake Superior’s shoreline.

Planned for fall 2015 (permits already acquired)


Ozark Trail from Taum Sauk State Park to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.  Considered the finest section of the Ozark Trail.  Can be hiked in six 12-15 mile days.  Trip might be combined with a day of diving at Bonne Terre Lead Mine.


The Wave:  5.2 mile out and back featuring the iconic rock formation “The Wave”.


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